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Sex what there

Sex is the relationship between man and woman ,it a way of communicating in adding a sexually and security feeling ,into one relationship. making love.

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Sex what there

Sexual behaviour pattern


By Vladimir and Daddy 

Sexual intercourse was always seen in the beging of civilizations in marriageable form in image drawn and statues showing in diagram of sex to be performed into human understanding and knowledge .

Sex what there

Sexual behaviour pattern


By Vladimir D'gama 

To the data analysis and information consuel into a sexual behaviour pattern is so in understanding the human heart and body function in feeling, emotional pattern and in throught development in to sex in feeling  emotions  in motion is human behaviour in a social pattern inner relationship is seen in normal life and lifestyles in body language and talk pattern is observe.  

It base of understanding that sex in human  is allowed present in the human mind wander mind of belonging in throught 💋