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I was rejected my self esteem made to to encourage each other .

Thank you 

Vladimir Dgama

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By Vladimir D'Gama

There are many reason of rejection that cause a block to growth ,
The reason in society rejection is a choice of a individual mind working on a information receive in words of gossip that spread like fire that can destroy one person life in a gossip leaving that person speak less and disgrace .
That to a over all community keep a distance from that person into a wrong feeling of accepting in a group , that to in finding one weakness to disgrace in order to reject
Is a simple fact in today approach

Rejected one



By Vladimir and Daddy 

Tropic rejected 

The words rejection mean so much why ? What the reason I being rejected ? How it happened to me ? Is all continues even in realistic approaches. 

it more than the reflection of the mirror 🪞 .

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Rejected on bed image why ?
No longer feeling sexual in one the other the reason of Rejected or falling spirit of be cheating when the lady is working and the man is not become the women of the house

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Why he was fool
He was taken as a fool a joker being in love ,

He is not smart ,and did not have money to spent

He made fun and call name for all the wronge reason to be target to talk and made fun

He still mummy boy

He not a graduate or not smart

He not handsome and lazy to work

He is useless ,he unable to dress in class

Some of rejected