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Colonization of the moon
Colonization of the moon

Colonization of the moon Russian -US instraction 

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Moonlight object that influence the solar the sun to gave out gassed into the solar system that is already active in the earth astmopere

By Vladimir D'gama

Counsel your scientist and data analysis
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Earth depending ?
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The moon is the most important force that influences earth in given season and in time , decisions are made according to the full moon In to Religion festival and sea waves depending on the moon phenomenon of reflection curve in creating low tide and high tide the first man landed into the moon .
The creation was a puzzle question inspite of many theroy regarding the big bang therory was the moon was created before the earth
A second to the sun then after the earth came to exist ,since at the bringing the earth was void and darkness and the spirit move upon the earth ,therefore the phenomenon of the moon getting the earth into season and time .
"So therefore the argument if the moon is taken out( just a friction ) there be peace on earth.

By Vladimir D'gama India 🇮🇳