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Hand make it easy
Hand make it easy

Many hand make the job easy and fast .The hand group 

hand are called metacarpals.

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Hand bad hand

I wander of many reason in this world were the world is not safe advantage of trust is destroy by an individual one trusted were there father ,or mother ,uncle , aunty or neighbor it could be any of these characters could have be a false of misbehaving into a behaviour of a bad tough continue with a insensitive of lust act toward another who depend or trust them whole heart. It a same that the victim suffer in a bitter environment of depression , isolated behaviour is seen , and mental illness and a pattern of fear .

It allowed better if the victim call for help by tilling it to somebody  who will listen as many people's their meet .

Hand of many 

By Vladimir D'gama 

Many time I wander of the reason  of todays and tomorrow development and technology approaches in skill management  and research  into development morden device and artificial intelligence pool into morden thinking was necessities in throught  into realistic approaches  into skill and understanding of luxury products that make it self into production line in demand and supplied into economy price and lable in a price tag reasonable price is a segment market  into competition between competitors in approaches an individual consumer .

In order to carried there brands or label 🏷 in exchange of money tranfer ,the money in your hand is seen in another hand in exchanges for goods and product . 


By Vladimir D'gama 

Hand it the most effective mean of a body language and impressions of a peace sign and shake hand .

In your hand play a important role to toil ate labor in a day,  it is stand of unity as a bread win in their family and unity to do well what one does 

(Base on no thinking power )


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