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Get to know Selfish
Get to know Selfish

Generally surviving in life what happens in one life , your actions, choices,and relationship ,

Do you feel satisfied with your left 

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Fish swiming in water



By Vladimir D'gama 

The water of lake and river and creek the industrialy  fluid or chemical fluids  rushed into the mouth of the hole in the waste fluids in the lake or river or creek the  hole of the creek were the candid and lotion in the water with mix with the swimming  fiish in river or lake or creek ,turning the pinky hole into black hole thenforth turning the water into black water just as the black sea  without the black hole to throw it waste  and the fluid rushing out from your industry  pipeline into the mouth of the lake or river or creek are not the same it highly poisonous to the environmental and sounding toward the inhabitants surrounding it bank ,leading the smell of poisonous and dirty air your industrial  fluid or chemical  liquid as  cause in the damaged of  the water bank and the black hole to stand as evidence of pollution , plastic bag ,garbage into the water bank ,were are all the fish in your hole gonr   but die . 

Fish frozen Ikan Salem Video

Ikan salem/pacific Mackerel ready 14ton
Yes I have my pressure to finish the work as the demand by my boss to get the work done